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Our Profile

The ‘Cycladic Educational Centre’ is a Language Centre and is situated in Hermoupolis, the capital city of the island of Syros and of the Cyclades Islands in the South Aegean, Greece. It employs highly qualified and experienced Greek and foreign teachers. Initially it was established in 1978 in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, and in 1984 it was transferred and re-established on the island of Syros.

You can view registration and exam dates for all of our courses here.

Fact File

  • A school housed in a purpose-built mansion in the centre of Hermoupolis occupying 400 sq.m
  • Computer laboratory (for multimedia courses)
  • Seven fully equipped classrooms
  • Principal’s Office
  • Secretariat
  • Teachers’ office
  • Students’ lounge
  • Capacity: 100 students at a time
  • Internet access
  • Lift

Courses Available


  • English Language
  • Full-time courses for all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced
  • B2, C1, C2 courses (full-time)
  • Courses for adults (part-time/full-time)
  • ESP courses
  • Preparatory courses for TOEFL and I.E.L.T.S.
  • Foundation Courses (Law, Communication Studies, Business, Economics, Computer Science, Architecture, Art and Design, Psychology, English Literature)
Notice: The Foundation courses are designed for candidates who wish to start a degree course in British Universities and there are special registration requirements.


  • Italian Language and Literature
  • Full-time courses for all levels: beginners, intermediate,
    advanced (full-time)
  • Courses for adults (part-time/full-time)


  • German Language
  • Full-time courses for all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced (full-time)
  • Courses for adults (part-time/full-time)

Summer Courses

  • Intensive courses for all levels (English, Italian, German)
  • B2, C1, C2 intensive courses (June-December)
  • Preparatory courses for I.E.L.T.S. (June-July)
  • Refresher courses (adults)
  • Two-month Courses for Beginners A & B
  • Crash Courses
  • Literature courses

Other Courses

Drama Club (in the English language) Throughout the year students can attend a specially designed Drama Class twice a month where they prepare a play or several small plays. They participate as actors /actresses/director assistants/costume designers, etc.

Assessment Criteria

Students are promoted to the next class if they score 60% in the final oral and written examinations. Weak students are encouraged to repeat courses or attend summer intensive courses before attempting a re-examination.

Grading System

The marking scheme is out of 100. Pass mark: minimum 60%. The students who score less than 60% have to sit exams again in three months’ time. Essays are graded. Only A, B, C grades are passing. Reports are given three times a year (Autumn term, Winter term, Spring term). Final examination papers are marked out of 100.


  • Visits to art exhibitions and cultural events: students, supervised by their teachers, become familiar with more technical language (on the spot lesson) and broaden their knowledge of the language they are learning in a realistic way.
  • Trips to England (summer holiday courses): a group of students, escorted by the Principal and/or teachers of the E.D. travel in July to England where they spend 1-2 weeks at a British University campus. The holidays combine lessons in the morning and sport and cultural activities in the afternoons and evenings.

Awards Presentations

Once a year, the E.D. presents the annual awards to the students in a formal celebration. The programme includes speeches by the Principal on current educational matters, valedictory speeches by top students, and sometimes cultural events.

Teacher's Training

EDUCATIONAL DYNAMICS offers training to teachers who wish to apply for a teaching post. These teachers must be qualified and preferably have spent some time in England attending a recognised teacher’s training course. The training period lasts for four months in the E.D. and is free of charge.

Internal Evaluation

The E.D. conducts an internal evaluation of its teachers and administration staff three times per year to enhance the teaching and administrative services. The tools that are used for the evaluation are questionnaires that are answered by students and parents.

Foundation Courses

EDUCATIONAL DYNAMICS offers courses specially designed to prepare Greek students for a direct entry to a degree course in British Universities. These courses were launched in September 1995 to cater for the students in the Cyclades Islands who wish to study in British Universities. Originally they were designed only for the students of the E.D. but outside students are also admitted since no other institution in the Cyclades offers these courses.


The E.D. is registered with UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) and holds the registration code number 48617.

European Network

EDUCATIONAL DYNAMICS collaborates with British and Italian Universities, the Goethe Institute and other Educational Bodies.

EU Projects

E.D. is an active partner in Leonardo da Vinci pilot projects