Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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NEWS ANNOUNCEMENTS What our students say about us...

What our students say about us...

''I'd strongly recommend this school due to the fact that it has helped me feel confident and expand my horizons.''

[Maria M.]

''The material that we work on is the best of its kind most of the times as the books are published from well known universities or publishing houses. This material can also be used on the PC or on interactive whteboards.'' [Manos P.]

'' I believe that the key to the success of the school is the teaching methods that are used. From my personal experience, I have seen an enhancement in my writing skills. This is due to my teachers' work and this is what I like mostly. The most important thig for me is, however, that the school helped me expand my horizons and boost my self-esteem.''

[Stephen A.]

''The school follows a monolingual system, which results in the students' confidence when speaking English and it boosts their self-esteem. The student-centred teaching methodology has as a result plenty of group discussions from which everybody benefits in different ways.'' [Katerina A.]

''...In addition there are more ways of learning such as computer exercises and video projections with helpful material.'' [Joseph M.]

''All of my classmates are always delighted to have a lesson with one of our excellent teachers and through this friendly and sometimes funny mood and expand our horizons further every lesson and each and every one of us is undoubtedly feeling more confident about oneself.'' [Nikolas M.]

''During the break we can do many things as the school provides us with English magazines and newspapers so as to spend our time by doing something relaxing and at the same beneficial to us.'' [Marianna V.]

''Regarding the teaching material, which I am pleased with, I suppose that it is one of the best as it involves a lot of class interaction with the teachers as well as direct communication among students. Moreover, the classroom environment is friendly since they of adequate size and well-decorated. Moreover, they have been designed in a way to enhance class interaction, giving the sense of formality and tranquility, too. [Michael A.] 

''...there is a computer laboratory which any student can visit and do English practice depending on their level.''

[Theodore P.]

''Concerning the teaching methods, I have to confess that it has amazed me. In 'Educational Dynamics', my school, there are alternative teaching ways such as the computer laboratory, presentation of a film, group discussions on a topic, even theatre.'' [Marina K.]

''...very helpful is also the teachers' approach as they use a monolingual system not only in the school but also in public.'' [Rania P.]