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Β2 Courses

B2 courses

Courses at level B2 are run throughout the year in winter and summer cycles. Students attend lessons and practise in the computer lab (exam-related simulation exercises).

Intensive summer courses

Period: June – December.

The lessons are offered 4 days a week in the morning hours.

Sessions: lessons, computer lab simulation exercises/tests and OSP (on-site practice). During the summer months (June-August) the participants are not given homework; they do their assignments at the school.

Benefits for the students attending intensive summer courses:

a) They spend their summer months productively;

b) They combine summer lessons and holidays;

c) They complete these courses in 6 months;

d) They reach their target sooner;

e) They register in the Modular Proficiency C1-C2 winter or spring cycle after their B2 international examinations.

Winter courses

Period: September – May.

The lessons are offered 3 days a week in the afternoon/evening hours.

Sessions: lessons and computer lab simulation exercises/tests. The assignments are set for homework.

On completion of the B2 course and after they have sat their international examinations, they can register in the Modular Proficiency C1-C2 summer cycle.

Duration June-December / September-May
Level B2

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