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About Instructor

Modular ProficienCy C1-C2

For over 30 years we have been offering courses for the Cambridge Proficiency Certification and other reputable language certification bodies, with excellent results.

The need to adapt to the new conditions of the average Greek family led us to study and design a highly specialised Proficiency level curriculum, which leads to the same result as other similar programmes, but has more flexibility and, for those who wish, the overall duration of study may be reduced.

Let’s see some of the most frequently asked questions by students and parents:

Why is the Certificate of Proficiency so important?

  • It is a qualification for higher education.
  • It is a required qualification to study at universities abroad.
  • The labour market is more demanding and young people need more qualifications.

What is the goal of EDUCATIONAL DYNAMICS?

To provide opportunities to our students so that they can achieve their goals for:

  • studies in higher education
  • academic pursuit
  • research
  • university exchanges
  • employability
  • career

What does Modular Proficiency Course mean?

It is a structured course that gradually leads all students to the acquisition of the Advanced and the Proficiency certificates and is structured in 6 independent but equivalent modules.

Why this teaching model?

Because it offers flexibility and the possibility to students to organise their study according to their own schedule and time availability (i.e. it offers a solution to time or financial constraints).

How is this done?

It is like a route along which you change six buses to reach your destination. Each time you get off one, you can get on the next bus or wait for the next one.

What is the secret?

The order in which the modules are taught is not important to get to your destination.

Has this model been tested?

Yes. In Europe it is being implemented by many educational institutions with excellent results. We implemented it here as a pilot programme and it has had excellent results.

In contrast to the competition, who have reduced and in many cases discontinued their candidates’ participation in the Cambridge examinations in order to reduce costs and avoid low success rates, we offer quality educational services, a fixed cost and the Cambridge Proficiency in a complete package, which for us is a conscious choice of quality of language learning with worldwide recognition, but also of other valid bodies with global recognition.

Our programme is structured in such a way that it can gradually lead all students to any valid and internationally recognised C1 (Advanced) & C2 (Proficiency) language proficiency certification they choose, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Our goal is to offer to our students the opportunities to acquire essential knowledge and to develop skills that will be useful to them in the future, in their studies or at work.

The additional benefit of this programme is that it consists of 6 Modules and is structured in such a way that the order in which the student covers the material does not play any role at all. This allows our students to choose when to start their own programme and to set their own goals as to when they will finish and sit their examinations. They can, for instance, skip the summer cycle and continue in the new cycle in September/November/February. In addition, in our experience, high-achieving students complete the package in 5 Modules.

Duration 6 autonomous and equal Modules of 70 hours each
Level C1-C2
Start 20/06, 26/07, 15/09, 29/11, 23/02
Registrations 15 days before the start of each Module

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