The courses we offer in English, German, Spanish and Italian to adults and professionals range from A1 to C2 and address the following target groups / fields:

  • Undergraduates / postgraduates
  • Doctors / medical staff
  • Architects / engineers
  • Bankers / economists
  • Lawyers
  • Traders
  • Public services
  • Tourism industry (taxi drivers / hotels/cafes/restaurants/travel agencies)

Flexible programmes

For the tourism industry we have flexible courses that are run for 2/3 months during winter time when it is not peak season for them.

Group vs individual instruction

The courses are offered in groups when the students are at the same level and have common targets. Individualised instruction is offered to students whose objectives and needs do not fit a given group.

All courses are assisted by using educational platforms in our computer lab. Some of the platforms can be accessed from home.

Course design

The courses are designed according to the needs of classes. For each group of professionals we need 2-3 weeks to design a course that suits their goals and objectives. For this reason we need to be contacted well in advance.


Adults and professionals can register any time during the year.