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Young learners (YLE)

Young learners (YLE)

Young learners (YLE)

At EDUC@TIONAL DYNAMICS, we offer the following courses to young learners using exclusively the target language (L2) in and out of the classroom:


  • BEGINNERS A (7 years old)
  • BEGINNERS B (7-8 years old)
  • BEGINNERS AB – for children +8 years old we run a 9-month course in which they attend Beginners A and Beginners B – two classes in one school year
  • A SENIOR (9 years old)


Kinderklasse A (7-8 years old)

Kinderklasse B (8-9 years old)

K1 – 4th-6th grade of Primary School

K2 – 5th grade of Primary School – 1st grade of High School


Nivel A1: (9-10 years old) – 3rd – 4th grade of Primary School

Nivel A2: (11-13 years old) – 5th grade of Primary School – 1st grade of High School


Livello A1 – (8-12 years old)

Our young learners gain fluency in L2 very soon and develop their Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing skills through interactive lessons, up-to-date teaching methodologies and techniques, and group projects which further enhance their linguistic competences.

CLIL lessons include a variety of topics such as the environment, music, health, food, etc.. Pair-work and group-work activities enhance their team spirit and strengthen their bond as a team.

All YLE courses are offered in F2F, hybrid, and online mode according to the circumstances.