Educational trips to England: a group of students, escorted by the Principal and/or teachers of the E.D. travel in July to the UK where they spend 2 weeks on campus at a British University. Occasionally the trips include a few days in France.

These trips include lessons in the morning and sport and cultural activities in the afternoons and evenings. The main campuses visited are:

  • Bristol University, England
  • Queen Mary University of London, England
  • Oxford Brookes University, England
  • The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC), England
  • Royal Halloway University of London, England
  • Medway University of Kent, England
  • University of East London Docklands, England

Any student 12-16 years old can participate in these trips. The participants benefit in many ways: they get out of their comfort zone, gain confidence using the language they are studying in real situations, develop cultural sensitivity, network with other young people from the global student community, and become more open-minded.