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Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods

The main principle at EDUC@TIONAL DYNAMICS is the use of the MONOLINGUAL APPROACH; this means that L2 is used throughout the courses regarding all classes of learners from Kindergarten through Proficiency (C2) in all 4 languages. To achieve this objective, a blend of traditional and modern teaching methods is used. These methods are delivered via a wide range of teaching techniques.

The methods used are:

  • Audio-lingual Method
  • Direct Teaching Method
  • Communicative Language Teaching Method
  • Student-centred Method
  • Experiential Method
  • Bridging Technique*
  • The 8 Stages of Active Learning*
  • Multi-Effect Project of Active Learning*

*Techniques and teaching approaches/methodologies which have been developed by Eugenia Papaioannou and are described in her book ‘Optimise Your Teaching Competences: New Teaching Methodologies and CLIL Applications in Foreign Languages’ – ISBN: 9781491738795