17.07.2014 British Museum, London

The Greek students who participated in the 2-week educational trip to England organised by EDUC@TIONAL DYNAMICS Language Centre from Hermoupolis, Syros, in cooperation with LASER TRAVEL & SCHOOL SERVICES, visited the British Museum on 17th July 2014 and peacefully protested against keeping the Greek Marbles away from their home.

Shocked to see the statues and sculptures brutally severed from the frieze and pediments of the Parthenon and other monuments in Athens, and placed on display for the world to see away from the place they belong to, and the Caryatid alone, away from her sisters, they sent a message to the authorities to BRING THEM BACK HOME!

The Parthenon sculptures have to be reunited in order to restore “organic elements” which at present remain without cohesion, homogeneity and historicity of the monument to which they belong” and allow visitors to appreciate them as a whole in their natural home, Athens, Greece.