Looking ahead to innovation and the new educational development, and aiming to bring in the teaching of the English language the best, state-of-the-art and most effective teaching tool, we add to our quality educational services the new teaching method QLS-JUMP for our students.

The method QLSJUMP:

-Focuses on the systematic teaching of the English language phonemes (Phonics), which is accredited by the British National Studies Programme, with the objective to develop the competences of reading and writing faster.

-Considers the learning profile of the student based on the awarded Multiple Intelligences Test QLP – QLS Learning Profile for differentiated teaching.

-Reinforces the perception and sustenance of the new knowledge in a playful and enjoyable way via our platform, QLS i-Learn.

-Promotes a more effective process of the new information because it is:

  • systematic
  • collaborative
  • multi-sensory
  • experiential
  • student-centred
  • exciting!