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Dimitra Sakellariou | 16 | 2nd grade of Lyceum | 14.08.2018

Dimitra Sakellariou | 16 | 2nd grade of Lyceum | 14.08.2018

Through the years I studied the English language, I feel that I learnt many things. Not only about the English culture, but many things that I will find useful in my personal, educational and professional life. I generally believe that when one acquires the English language in a high level, they will absolutely have many opportunities in the future in many different aspects. For example, they will have an advantage when it comes to a work position against others who haven’t acquired the language as they do. Finally, it is my firm belief that having a certificate in English helps you in accomplishing further achievements. I studied English at Educational Dynamics for many years and except for communicating with people from other countries easily I hope that I will be able later to attend courses at a university abroad without facing any difficulties and as a result to be successful in what I will choose to occupy with in my life. Thanks a lot to my teachers for helping me all these years.