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John Stampoulidis | Agricultural Science student | 07.11.2017

John Stampoulidis | Agricultural Science student | 07.11.2017

Now, 4 years after finishing my English studies at Educational Dynamics, I can undoubtedly say it was a milestone for my future. I am 19 years old and I am in the middle of my undergraduate studies in agricultural science. I love travelling, therefore, I have travelled a lot despite my young age. Wherever I have been I was able to communicate with the locals, consequently I was able to live like them while abroad. When I finish my undergraduate course I intend to further my studies at a Master’s level abroad. None of these could have been possible without my knowledge in the English language. It goes without saying that the time I spent attending courses at Educational Dynamics has offered me more than I could ever imagine; it made me more autonomous, more self-assured, and it provided me with knowledge not only of the language itself, but also of the traditions, the humour, the way of life. Additionally, it taught me some studying techniques which I still use for my university studies and exams. However, the thing I reckon is the most important is that there are people, even now, on whom I can rely any time I need them. It is an inseparable part of my life which I will always remember with a smile on my face. If every language centre worked like Educational Dynamics does, our world would be a better place.