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Modular Proficiency C1-C2 is an innovative and flexible programme which is structured in such a way that it gradually leads all the students to any certification C1 & C2 they choose of any university and accreditation body, mainly the C1 & C2 certificates of  Cambridge.

It evolves in 4 cycles: summer, autumn, winter, spring and consists of 6 autonomous and equal modules that meet the requirements of CEFR at C1 and C2 level in the English language.

It is a very flexible course because students may choose which module to attend according to their time availability and their life reality at a given time. They can attend the summer cycle, then choose to come back in the winter cycle and so on provided that they will attend all 6 Modules.

Possibility: according to their skills and home study, students can reach their target sooner without having to attend all 6 Modules.

Modular Proficiency C1-C2 helps students build  their knowledge, skills, and success at their convenient time.

Our target is to give the opportunity to all learners to obtain the certificates of Advanced and Proficiency and use these qualifications to accomplish their goals for:

  • studies
  • academic pursuit
  • research
  • university exchange programmes
  • job market
  • career