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Tassos Vavladellis | Head of Innovation HEINEKEN France | 22.09.2017

Tassos Vavladellis | Head of Innovation HEINEKEN France | 22.09.2017

I have had the distinct pleasure of studying under Mrs Papaioannou’s supervision during my formative  years,  from the age of 10 until I got the Cambridge Proficiency in English at 16.

Beyond her undisputed record of student successes, Mrs Papaioannou is a great teacher, an educator among the best I have met, expertly balancing the needs of the class versus those of each individual student.

Getting a solid English language education and – importantly – an exposure to British and American culture, was a key enabler in my future development. From leisure activities to professional exploits, mastering English is a catalyst for growth. I insist on the aspect of “mastering”, as just getting a certificate is not enough. I can attest to the difference it makes to engage native speakers on equal terms and non-native speakers with eloquence, in both academic and professional environments.

I wholeheartedly recommend Educational Dynamics as an incubator for success in foreign language learning.